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Tips for Zen Bathroom Decor

Zen-inspired bathrooms are a blend of minimalism, clean lines, natural hues, and organic influences. A Zen bathroom is a tranquil oasis where you can go and forget your worries, savor some luxury, and relish the peace. Everybody loves a relaxing atmosphere, and you could never go wrong with Zen bathroom decor. Are you wondering how to create a Zen-inspired space?

Here’s how you can turn your bathroom into a haven of indulgence:

Bring Nature In

A big part of Zen style is getting in touch with nature, and you can bring that into your bathroom. If you have a home with a beautiful view that you can incorporate into your bathroom design, that’ll work even better. If not, consider adding a window that overlooks natural features in your yard or your garden. Imagine soaking in a bathtub overlooking a garden — that’s Zen style stimulating your senses. It’s a perfect way to quiet your mind and get in touch with nature around you.

If you don’t have a view, bring nature-inspired bathroom decor elements into your bathroom. For instance, you can create a calming water element, include bamboo decor, a bonsai tree, or even a small zen garden in your bathroom. Keep in mind that your nature-inspired Zen bathroom decor should flow together in harmony to achieve an undeniable feel of nature.

Embrace Minimalism

Despite our urges to show our creative flair in personal spaces like bathrooms, you still want to embrace a minimalist approach in your Zen space. Why? Because minimalism helps create a sense of tranquility and calm. Zen style is a great bathroom remodeling option when you want to create a functional and timeless look. Whatever decor you choose, make sure not to overdo it.

The key is keeping things simple as far as design, and by decluttering. Install a large floating vanity with ample cupboard and drawer space to store all your bathroom products or a wall linen cabinet to keep away your towels. Leave nothing but the essentials on the bathroom vanity countertops. Zen bathroom decor is all about creating a decorative statement without the clutter.

Incorporate Organic Elements

Just like any other Zen space, you should incorporate lots of wood into your bathroom. Organic elements like wooden bathroom cabinets, a bench, a bamboo bathroom mat, a stool, wooden towel holders, and other wood accent pieces bring touches of earth into your Zen bathroom. You can also include stones as decorations, or even a stone garden to take things to the next level.

Natural light is your greatest asset in a Zen space. Think of the times natural light will have the greatest impact on your bathroom and use cleverly placed and directed windows and elements to make the best use of the sun. Combine this with Zen bathroom decor lighting elements to complement the design and look of your space. Natural light can help create a relaxing yet uplifting effect in your restroom.

Focus on Natural Tones

By now, you can see that nature bathroom decor is the centerpiece of any Zen style bathroom. This is also true when choosing a color palette — keep it simple and nature-inspired. Focus on natural tones like sand, beige, brown, green, white, and even muted blues. These colors work together in harmony to create a calming effect in the bathroom.

small bathroom with natural tonesYou can also complement the look of your Zen style bathroom with accent colors through smaller details like patterned rugs, bright towels, and other small details like a flower vase with colorful flowers placed on top of a corner vanity. Just make sure that colors are kept simple, and everything flows without distracting from the overall Zen bathroom decor.

Transform Your Bathroom

Zen style is a very popular decor option for today’s bathrooms. Whether you enjoy nature-inspired colors or the calming atmosphere, there’s no doubt that Zen bathrooms are beautiful, relaxing, and definitely welcoming. Ready to give your bathroom a new Zen-inspired look? Visit our Builders Surplus showroom to get started with your bathroom transformation.

We have over 75 bathroom vanity styles assembled and in stock. Builders Surplus offers big savings on our overstock inventory. Our knowledgeable staff will make your project a success. Contact us if you need help choosing the right vanity for your Zen bathroom decor needs.

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