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Colorful Kitchen Ideas For You to Try

White kitchens have been in style for years, and for a good reason — they’re beautiful. However, many possibilities can open up by embracing gorgeous kitchen colors. If you’re looking to update the look of your kitchen without doing a full renovation, there are various colorful kitchen ideas, big and small, to create a bold and personal look in your cooking space.

Create a color-infused kitchen with these suggestions:

Go Bold With Unexpected Color

If you’re looking to make a big and bold statement in your kitchen, consider going for a color that you rarely see in kitchens like happy aqua, orange, lime green, yellow, or any other bright hue. Since most kitchens have white, silver, or black appliances, bold color on the walls or kitchen countertop backsplash can give your kitchen an entirely new look. Complete the appearance with matching colorful kitchen accessories.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets is an easy way to give your kitchen a makeover. Rather than replacing your kitchen cabinets, an easier and budget-friendly option is to paint them. Instead of the usual neutral colors, go for colorful kitchen paint ideas that make your kitchen cabinets stand out. You can create a sophisticated and purposeful cabinet look as the focal point of your space. Opt for bold colors like red, sky blue, or lime green.

Pair Pops of Color With Wallpaper

Colorful wallpaper can work wonders in your kitchen when used as an alternative for painting an accent wall or a traditional style backsplash. Go for a textured, patterned, or floral wallpaper in a color that pairs perfectly with the colors you use on your base or upper wall cabinets. Bold colors should be limited to one key element in your kitchen — either the cabinets, an accent wall, a kitchen island, or floors.

Bring in Some Colorful Accessories

There are numerous bright and affordable kitchen accessories that can instantly perk up your kitchen. While it can be hard to commit to bold colors, you can easily add a pop of color to your kitchen with the right colorful kitchen ideas. From colorful napkins, bright butter dishes, flowers, ceramics, and multicolored striped linen tablecloth to brightly colored cookware, there are plenty of ideas.

Temporary Ideas to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

bright kitchen with accent wallpaperIf you’re not committed to making permanent changes to the look of your kitchen, consider these temporary options to add some color in your cooking space.

  • Lay a vibrant area rug in front of your kitchen sink
  • Replace cabinet knobs and drawer pulls with colorful plastic ones
  • Fill glass-door cabinets or shelves with colorful earthenware
  • Add a collection of brightly colored picture frames on a white wall
  • Hand a mix of vibrant pendant lamps over the kitchen island
  • A bouquet of bright flowers every week is a perfect colorful kitchen idea, too
  • Get a bright kitchen appliance for your countertop
  • Paint your kitchen cabinet and drawer interiors a bold color like lime green or magenta
  • Hanf colorful cooking pots from a rack above the kitchen island
  • Paint window molding a bold color
  • Introduce a random colorful chair in your kitchen

Transform Your Kitchen Today

Whichever way you choose to brighten up your kitchen, make sure that your color scheme blends in with your kitchen design theme and interior decor. You’ll want to either create an entirely new space with bold colors or add pops of color that complement your existing space. If you’re looking to add new colorful kitchen accessories, kitchen cabinets, or countertops, visit Builders Surplus.

Our professional experts are here to answer your questions and help you determine the colorful kitchen ideas that you can include in your kitchen project. Contact us to learn more.

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