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We have on site cutting capability for our kitchen countertops. Bring in your measurements and we can cut the countertops for your kitchen to length and corner cut. We leave sink hole cutouts to you and your contractor to complete.

Countertops for Kitchens

Transform your kitchen with new and stylish laminate kitchen countertops from Builders Surplus Kitchen & Bath Cabinets. We stock a variety of countertops to match any style. Choose from our 15 color and pattern options. Do further customizations and enhance your kitchen space with our full range of cabinets, kitchen sinks, and installation accessories.

Budget-Friendly Look

Laminate countertops are not only budget-friendly but also they can help you to achieve a simple but sophisticated retro look that captures attention. At Builders Surplus, we bring you the best countertops for kitchens with exotic beauty at a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere. Bring the luxury look of stone and the practical benefits of laminate to your kitchen countertops so you can achieve the look and feel of today’s most sought after countertop options.

You can browse our countertops on our website then visit our large warehouse and showroom at Orange County to thoroughly inspect it before you take it away. Our prefinished countertops are designed to be easily installed by DIY enthusiasts, property owners, and contractors. If you need help with measuring your kitchen, follow our simple guide here.

Save Big on Countertops

When you visit Builders Surplus, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for as our countertops for kitchens are manufactured to fit, can be taken away in easy to handle sections, and come with beautiful finishes that complement your overall kitchen decor.

Need help with countertop selection and measurement? We have knowledgeable experts ready to answer your questions about laminate kitchen countertop style and configuration. Download and use our measurement guide. Then, call us at 888.632.5081 to get more information or discuss your project.

Formica Countertops

We stock a variety of colors and patterns of Formica Laminate countertops ready to install for kitchens cabinets.

25 1/2″ deep countertops with backsplash, and 3 sizes of bar counter tops in stock, 15″, 27 1/2″, 36″ wide with double roll over.

Available Styles

Our long-lasting beautiful granite and marble patterns of our Formica Laminate kitchen countertops are in stock in the following patterns.

  • Antique Mascarello
  • Butterrum Granite
  • Calacatta Marble
  • Kalahari Topaz Matte
  • Lapidus Brown
  • Mystique Night
  • Oiled Soapstone
  • Ouro Romano Etchings
  • Paloma Polar Etchings
  • River Gold Etchings
  • Silver Quartzite
  • Travertine Etchings
  • White
  • White Marble
  • Wide Plank Walnut
  • Mineral Spa

Edge Profiles

Each pattern of laminate countertop is stocked in one of four edge profiles below:


 Bull Nose


 O Gee

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Formica Laminate countertops for the kitchen?

Many homeowners today prefer Formica Laminate countertops because they are affordable, simple to install, and resilient. In addition, they come in a number of style options, including different colors, designs, and patterns to suit any space.

What is the best way to maintain laminate kitchen countertops?

With laminate countertops, you don’t have to use any special cleaners. Instead, a damp paper towel and dish soap are all you need to remove any messes or tough stains.

Can you redo laminate countertops for the kitchen later?

Yes. If you wish to give your countertops a facelift years from now, you’ll need to first prime the countertop with a bonding primer designed for surfaces that are glossy. Foam rollers can be used to smoothly apply two coats of this thick primer. Wait for the first coat to dry before you apply the second one. Then you can paint your countertop with a high-gloss or semi-gloss enamel paint. Check with your favorite home improvement store for more details.

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