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Calacatta Marble Laminate Top

Calacatta marble laminate is a popular kitchen countertop option in an elegant marbleized pattern of a white base with a grey veining that never gets outdated. This laminate formica countertop offers a realistic representation of natural marble stone that provides any kitchen design with a luxurious countertop look at a realistic price. Get top-quality laminate tops at the best discount prices at Builders Surplus Kitchen & Bath Cabinets.

Enjoy the Essential Beauty of Natural Stone Look

If you’re looking for a beautiful, Formica laminate countertop that fits perfectly in your kitchen, buy our Calacatta marble laminate countertop at our fully-stocked showroom located in Santa Ana, California. Bring in your measurements with you, and we can cut your Calacatta marble laminate countertop to length and corner cut. This marble look-alike laminate comes with an Ora edge with backsplash.

Transform your kitchen with stylish laminate countertops from Builders Surplus. Do further customizations to enhance your kitchen space with our full range of kitchen cabinets, installation accessories, and kitchen sinks. Our laminate countertop options are not only budget-friendly but also provide your kitchen with an attention-grabbing retro look.

Come to Our Showroom

Save big on kitchen countertops that are easy to install at Builders Surplus. When you visit us, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for to upgrade your kitchen. Our laminate countertops are cut to fit and come with beautiful finishes that complement your overall kitchen decor.

Contact us to discuss your project today and buy your Calacatta marble laminate tops today.

  • Ora Edge with BacksplashProudly Made in the USA

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