Builders Surplus: FAQs

How large is our inventory?
Our selection of inventory is huge – 123,000 square feet of storage space in all! We have the largest inventory of kitchen cabinets (over 10,000 cabinets) and bathroom vanities (over 6,000 vanities) in Southern California.

What information do I need and how do I prepare measurements before coming into Builders Surplus?
Be sure to read our Builders Surplus Prep Checklist so you can be fully prepared before you visit our warehouse. If you need help on how to measure, be sure to download our tips on how to measure for kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities! Click Here

What is the advantage of buying in-stock merchandise?
With in-stock merchandise, you know exactly what you are buying because you can see it. Sometimes, after waiting many weeks for a delivery, customers are disappointed because the order does not look exactly like the person expected.

Are most items in stock?
Yes, most items are in-stock. While other retailers oftentimes keep very little inventory onsite, you end up wasting time waiting for stock to be ordered and delivered. At Builders Surplus, all stock is in inventory – and ready for pickup today!

What if you don’t have an item in stock?
There are a limited number of items or styles that we do not stock. In that case, we will place an order for you

What about custom orders – how long do they take?
We have a long-standing relationship with most of our manufacturers, so we are usually able to project accurately how long it will take you to receive your order.

How do you select your manufacturers?
We have worked well with most of our manufacturers for many years. However, we are always looking for specials and closeouts for our customers from new manufacturers too. We will only carry a manufacturer’s products on a regular basis after we “test” them for quality, consistency, ensuring that they do what they say they will. Our number 1 concern is making sure our customers are satisfied and happy.

Do you accept credit cards?
No, by accepting only cash, debit cards and checks, we keep our costs low for you!

Why do you have an “inspect merchandise now” policy?
Nothing goes out in a box without the customer inspecting it. The customer knows exactly what they purchased when they get home. In the end, this saves time and eliminates mistakes. Because we do not accept returns, we want to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase BEFORE you leave the loading dock.

Your warehouse is huge – do you have staff to help me?
Yes, our trained and knowledgeable staff is ready to help answer all your questions. In addition, we can provide assistance with laying out and designing your kitchen and bath, should you need our help.

What is “full disclosure”?
For 48 years, we satisfied customers because of our honest and upfront practices. Our “full disclosure” policy means that we disclose all information we know about our products. If we do not think a product will work for a customer, we do not want them to buy it.

Do overstocks & closeouts mean sub-standard products?
Absolutely not! We stand behind our products. If something is structurally weak, we will not sell it. In fact, we would rather trash it than sell it, if it means an unsatisfied customer.

Do you accept returns?
By avoiding returns and restocking costs, we keep our costs low for you! Therefore, we do not accept any returns. Please make sure to see our how to in measuring to avoid this mistake.

Do you deliver? 
No, we do not offer any delivery services or referrals. Keep in mind nothing leaves our warehouse without the customer inspecting all items.

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