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The Best Shower Doors in Greater Los Angeles

Whether you want to renovate a family bathroom or add a brand new en-suite, shower enclosures and wetrooms are the perfect place to scrub up. To ensure easy access and convenience, as well as privacy and functionality, shower doors are a stylish and practical buy that you should consider. If you’re searching for quality shower doors in Greater Los Angeles, feel free to shop our large inventory at our showroom at Builders Surplus Kitchen & Bath Cabinets.


  • Measuring should be done once the TUB OR SHOWER BASE, & FINISHED WALLS (Tile, JetCoat, Granite, etc.) are in place.
  • If you have a Neo Angle Door or have placed wood support in the wall for the door determine the center line on the bathing unit threshold.
  • Measuring should be done once the TUB OR SHOWER BASE, & FINISHED WALLS (Tile, JetCoat, Granite, etc.) are in place.
  • Determine if your walls and threshold or tub ledge are plumb and level.
  • If you’re using a pivot door, determine if there are any obstructions and whether the door should swing from the right or left.
  • If the finished opening is larger than 36” and you had planned to use a pivot door, you may need a door and panel combination.


Finished door openings may not always be level and plumb. Follow the drawings shown to determine how much you might be out of square. Sliding doors with side jambs can adjust for out of square walls as much as ¾”, but this will vary by door styles. Sliding door also have a 3-4” opening range in the width to accommodate for out of square walls. FYI, the Cove Door and Panel has 6” of width adjustment and the Marina Adjustable Door and Panel has 4” if a shower door and panel design is requested.

When choosing a door based upon the finished wall height, you do not want to use one taller than the finished opening. Also make sure the threshold of the shower or bathtub ledge is wide enough for the bottom track of the shower door (min. of 2 ¾ – 3” wide).

Complete Your Look

From sliding doors to hinged doors, frameless doors to glass doors, you can easily get the look you want with our selection of shower doors at Builders Surplus in Orange County without compromising on price. Choose from clear or frosted glass shower doors, depending on the style you want. Complete your look with stylish shower doors, bathroom vanities, linen cabinets, and bathtubs, all available in sleek finishes and different sizes.

Whether you want to transform a small bathroom into a stand-alone shower or have a lovely big bathroom where you can create a walk-in shower with minimal fittings, our shower doors in Greater Los Angeles are the obvious solution for your bath space. Browse our fantastic range, choose your size, and transform your bathroom with the help of our knowledgeable onsite experts.

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Shower doors are an essential part of any bathroom enclosure when you want to create style and functionality. Your choice will depend on your bathroom size and layout. At Builders Surplus, we know that shower enclosures are becoming more popular. That’s why we strive to bring you the best selection of shower doors in different designs so you can create the ideal showering area with the correct door type for your bathroom.

If you’re looking for top-quality shower doors in Greater Los Angeles, look no further but our selection at Builders Surplus. Visit our fully-stocked showroom, or call us for a quote now.

Shower Doors in Los Angeles CA

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