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6 Relaxing Bathroom Ideas For Your Home

Do you have a relaxing bathroom, or is it uninspiring and dark? There’s no denying that the concept of self-care is becoming ever more popular. There’s no better way to achieve this for yourself than to think of relaxing bathroom ideas that can amp your morning routine. Creating a spa-worthy experience right in your own home allows you to feel at peace and pampered every day.

If you’re wondering how to make your bathroom look and feel like a spa, here are six relaxing bathroom ideas to turn your bath space into your own oasis.

Create a Calming Color Scheme

Setting the atmosphere for a relaxing spa bathroom starts with the colors you choose. Earthy tones are a perfect choice – greens, blues, and sandy colored hues are more relaxing. Experts agree that the color you choose for your bathroom has a large impact on your mood.

When looking for relaxing bathroom ideas, choose colors that resonate calmness. Paint your bathroom walls and ceiling to make a huge impact. A flat or matte color scheme absorbs light and creates a smooth vibe for a low-light room. A calming color scheme soothes your mind.

Set the Mood With Warm Lighting

Like color, your bathroom lighting effects the mood of the environment. Choosing the right bathroom lighting can make it look and feel like a Zen-inspired bathroom. Just like spas use candle lights to create a soothing, you should also replicate this technique in your bathroom.

For this relaxing bathroom idea, get some muted lights that you can dim down. Warm lighting with dimmers allows you to set the mood for your bathroom space. You can also add some floor spotlights or warm lighting around your bathroom fixtures like the bathtub or vanity top sink.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Features

The major appeal in a relaxing spa-inspired bathroom is the ability to relax in a bathtub or hot bath. If your bathtub can’t offer that, swap it with an above-ground soaking tub that allows you to enjoy a fully immersed bath. A steam shower is another great relaxing bathroom idea.

The steam offers an exciting sauna-like experience for ultimate relaxation. Upgrade your floors with new tiles for a modern feel. Get a stylish vessel sink that sits on top of your bathroom vanity for a spa-like luxury feel. Add a heated, warm handrail for an extra touch of luxury.

Add Soothing Scents

Whether you want to create a natural bathroom environment or achieve modern bathroom decor, you can always add some soothing scents to make your bathroom even more relaxing. If you have a favorite essential oil, get yourself a cool diffuser and set it in the bathroom.

Soothing scents are the perfect way to relax when you’re in the bath or shower. From jasmine to mint and eucalyptus, you can use choose different scents to evoke a certain emotional response of restfulness, healing, or peace. Scented candles are also a perfect relaxing bathroom idea.

Add Small Luxurious Accessories

Don’t forget the small luxurious details. Create a true feeling of luxury in your bathroom by investing in quality, full-size soft bath towels, or a cozy bathrobe to complete your spa bathroom experience. Choose accessories that keep your bathroom as soothing and peaceful as possible.

Liquid soap dispenser

Add some colorful flowers or herbs in a clear vase on a corner vanity, use a bathtub tray to keep bath oils and salts, add an elegant touch with a decorative mat, and display bath shampoos and soaps in clear glasses on your shelves.

Add Portable Speakers

A portable waterproof speaker is another great relaxing bathroom idea. Relaxing music in your bathroom will help you kick back and relax as you have a bath. There are many small bathroom speakers in the market. Just ensure to choose one that’s waterproof with Bluetooth capability.

Transform Your Bathroom

A spa-like bathroom is beautiful, welcoming, and relaxing. Ready to give your bathroom a relaxed feel? Call Builders Surplus at (888) 632-5081 to get started with your bathroom transformation. We have over 75 bathroom vanity styles assembled and in stock.

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