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Bathroom Storage Shelving Ideas

No matter the size of your bathroom, it’s important to have a designated place to store your bathroom essentials. From towels and toiletries to cleaning products and beauty care products, there’s a lot that needs to be kept in order. But when you have limited storage space in your bathroom, you need to think of creative ways to keep your bathroom organized.

Your walls and those empty spaces under your sink or above your corner vanity can be transformed into useful spaces with the right bathroom storage shelving ideas. Turn your bathroom space into a quaint and beautiful zen zone with these practical ideas.

Under the Sink Storage

Most of the time, there isn’t much space to work with under the bath sink. While it may not exactly be a functional space, you can create bathroom storage with a DIY under the sink shelf to make the space more functional and organized. A more practical option is to get yourself a bathroom vanity with a countertop sink and make use of the storage shelves inside. Under the sink storage shelves make it easy to access your essentials when you need them.

Floating Shelves

Your artsy bathroom accessories, artwork, small potted plants, and beauty products deserve to be on display. What better way to put them on display than with floating bathroom storage shelving. These could either be clear glass shelves for an interesting look or wooden shelves for a rustic nature-inspired feel. Floating shelves can be installed on open walls or above the toilet to add charm to your space.

Storage Shelves on Wheels

If you love movable storage organizers that fit perfectly into your bathroom space, then you should try out storage shelves on wheels. There are various options, including rolling storage carts, movable stainless steel trolleys, and wooden shelves on wheels. Storage shelves on wheels offer a creative way to store products you use every day. Do more research online to find creative bathroom storage shelving on wheels.

Light Industrial Shelving Unit

Sometimes, adding a small shelving unit in your bathroom is all you need to add a visual pop that brings your bathroom to life. Consider light industrial shelves with some fancy metalwork or industrial decor. Black and white shelves in a three-tier setup can be a great addition to your space. Also, try over-the-door storage racks that can be hung on the inside of your door or industrial pipe shelves combined with dark wood to give your bathroom a farmhouse feel.

Recessed Glass Shelving Over Your Bathtub

Just like under the sink bathroom storage, the space above your bathtub is mostly unused. This can be a perfect space for bathroom storage shelving. Make use of transparent glass to keep your bathing essentials right over your bathtub, where you can access them easily. Clear glass ensures that your beautiful bathtub or wall finish is uninterrupted. A mirror at the back of the recessed glass enhances lighting and makes the small space look bigger.

Buy Storage Cabinets for Your Needs

rustic bathroom with open shelvesIf you’re looking for stylish storage cabinets with multiple shelves to keep your bathroom essentials organized, visit our showroom at Builders Surplus. We have over 75 styles of bathroom vanities as well as bath countertops, shower doors, and bathtubs to complete your bathroom renovation project. Email us through the website, and we can send you samples.

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