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Achieving Modern Bathroom Decor

Modern bathrooms are aesthetically pleasing and easy to identify. They’re sleek, combining form and function to make a style statement with a minimalist appeal. Today’s modern style is inspired by the bold architectural and decor trends of the mid 20th century. Modern bathroom decor has evolved and now includes the latest materials, fixtures, and accessories. Your bathroom design choices matter when it comes to creating a modern space, so here are some tips for achieving your modern decor:


Color choices for modern bathrooms or restrooms are probably the simplest, with particular emphasis on soothing simplicity. Most modern bathrooms feature contrasting colors like greys, whites, and blacks. The modern decor style avoids bright colors in favor of a neutral, natural palette. Add distinctive patterns or textures, displayed as wallpapers or wall paintings, to add visual interest. Complete the look with shades of brown on a modern small bathroom vanity, tile, or a natural stone vanity countertop — quartz, marble, granite, or glass.

Bathroom Materials

Natural materials define today’s modern bathroom decor. Wood and stone are the most common choices. From marble vanity tops to oak bath vanities and bathtubs made of polished stone, the modern bathroom uses materials in their most natural state — none stained or painted. For instance, you can warm up your bathroom with a hardwood corner vanity and a natural stone vanity top. Consider wall-hung vanities and linen cabinets for small spaces.


Modern bathroom shapes are straight and geometric. You’ll find sharp angles instead of curved elements with ridges. Focus on clean lines and minimalist options to create a modern space decor that stands out. Bathroom elements like vanities should be narrow, elegant, and ensure efficient use of space. Opt for rectangular shaping instead of round sinks and bathtubs. Match your shapes with tiles and floors for a harmonized modern bathroom decor.

Furniture and Accessories

Keep your furniture and accessories streamlined. For instance, a floating vanity is perfect for open space. You can add a potted plant to breathe some life into your sleek bathroom and a square stool can go with your corner vanity. Towel hangers are minimal, either standing beside the tub or installed in the wall. For bathroom showers, opting for fully transparent doors and a stone finish can complete your modern bathroom appearance.

Decor Elements

white stone bathtub

Don’t forget to match your decor elements to the colors and materials of your bathroom. The rule of thumb when it comes to creating modern spaces is to keep it all-natural and simple. Nothing should appear out of place. Lighting fixtures may feature rounded, rectangular, or square lampshades, adding a striking touch to the overall modern bathroom decor.

Give Your Bathroom a Personalized Touch

Whether you want to install a thunder black granite vessel top or a floating stone vessel top slab in your bathroom, Builders Surplus offers the largest selection of modern small bathroom vanity tops and matching bath vanities in elegant styles and durable finishes. Visit our showroom to see our pre-made bathroom countertops and buy.

Contact us to discuss your bathroom renovation needs. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you visualize our top-quality vanity tops in your bathroom.

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