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A Few Creative Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

A cluttered kitchen can be downright annoying. From appliances and never-ending accessories to cutlery, food cans, cookware and specialty gadgets, the kitchen is always a challenge to organize — especially when you have a small space. To make your kitchen look more organized, you have to make use of every inch of available storage space. But sometimes, your solutions may not be enough to solve your storage and organization dilemma.

Here are a few creative storage ideas for your kitchen:

Custom Pantry

People love custom pantries because they can store everything they need in their kitchen in one place. Whether you want a well organized walk-in pantry or a fully functional vertical pantry that fits in that empty space in your kitchen, the idea of organizing your kitchen around a pantry is excellent. It frees up space in your small space storage cabinets and countertops. With pocket doors, abundant shelves, and pull out baskets, you get all the space you need to store your kitchen essentials.

Drawer Organizers

If you always open your kitchen cabinet drawers and see a mess inside, it’s time you considered drawer organizers. These drawers come in many forms, and their primary role is to keep the contents structured systematically. Drawer organizers are a creative storage idea for all your utensils and other items. The divided sections in these organizers enable you to make use of every space in your drawers in a neat and organized way. Pull out drawers with organizers are a perfect option.

Pull Out Trash Bins

The trash bin is one of the most widely used items in the kitchen. If you’re looking for ways to add pull out storage in your cabinets while keeping your kitchen clutter-free, pull out trash bins are the way to go. Choose from single or double bin options in a finish of your choice and the right size for your cabinets. Pull out waste and recycling cabinets allow you to hide unattractive bins and free up floor space in your kitchen. Install pull out trash bins under the sink for convenience.

Deep Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

If you don’t have room for a walk-in or a vertical pantry, you can opt for a deep cabinet organizer. This is one of the most underrated creative storage ideas in today’s kitchens. Imagine having storage on your kitchen cabinet doors and insides. It’s a perfect way to keep everything you need when cooking organized and within easy reach. You can also make one of your corner cabinets an appliance garage to reduce clutter on your countertop. Use it to keep your toaster, blender, and mixer out of sight.

Open Shelves

Victorian kitchen with open shelves

Floating shelves are one of the most popular trends today. Whether you want to purge your small space storage cabinets or to add some open shelves to display decorative accessories or store daily dishes, there are numerous creative storage ideas online that will convince you to try open shelving in your kitchen. Exposing your clutter may feel terrifying, but if done right, it can look chic and totally contained. Take a minimalist approach when deciding what goes on your open shelves and mix functional items like bowls with decor elements such as vases.

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