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Modern Rustic Kitchen Designs You’ll Love

There is a certain charm and warmth to a modern rustic kitchen. Their classic and industrial style brings an inviting feel to any home and looks equally appealing spaces of any size. With a beautiful blend of the past and present, of indoor and outdoor elements, the rustic design theme has a little bit of something for everyone.

If you’re looking for inspiration to help you create a modern rustic kitchen design, here are a few rustic kitchen decorating ideas that are sure to add beauty to your space.


Warm woods with natural textures are important for rustic kitchens. You don’t want anything too traditional or too sleek for your kitchen cabinets. Mahogany and Rosewood have beautiful patterns and impressive dark streaks that blend in well with other rustic elements. Elm, cherry, and gumwood have lovely red hues that add warmth. View your options and select the right wood to achieve the aesthetic of a rustic kitchen.

Islands and Countertops

A kitchen island is an excellent addition to any modern rustic kitchen design. It provides extra workspace and serves as a kitchen bar or table for the whole family. Go for an industrial look for your modern rustic kitchen island design. For the countertops, avoid anything too polished, smooth, or classical, like marble or granite. Instead, opt for rough-hewn stone, laminate, or metallic tops and sinks. Select something stylish and practical.

Kitchen Wall Decor

Give your walls a countryside rustic flair and combine it with minimalist, industrial decor. You don’t want your walls to look too crowded. Avoid bold colors and modern sleekness. Instead, use earthy colors and natural wood. Antique decor pieces can look great when placed right. Use reclaimed wood and corrugated metal to add interesting texture to your wall decor. Elements of stone and wood are a perfect combination for a modern rustic kitchen design.


Faux-wood or dark wood colors look great in a modern rustic kitchen. Linoleum is also cheaper and easier to install, clean, and maintain. Tiles don’t generally fit in rustic flooring as they look too sleek and modern. Choose the right flooring as it’s expensive to change it once you install it. You can match your floors with other rustic kitchen decorating ideas like benches, kitchen table sets, and other small pieces in light wood or warm-hued finishes.


Make sure that your kitchen appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, and cookers fit in with your rustic theme, as well. Go for muted or dark colors or surround them with modern rustic wooden cabinets and countertops. If you can find appliances with a retro look, they can look amazing in your modern rustic kitchen design.

Accessories and Other Decor


If you can pull it off, add other rustic accessories like a fireplace with exposed brick mantle or a pizza oven. Exposed ceiling beams also add a nice added texture. Complete the rustic appearance with rugs and mats that fit your color palette. A beautiful rustic wall shelf can also be used to hold other items or family pictures. You can also accessorize your modern rustic kitchen with both natural and metallic pieces.

Get Started at Builders Surplus

Modern rustic kitchens offer a lot of room for personality and creativity. Their informal elegance makes them perfect for almost any budget. Whether you live in the countryside or a bustling city, you can easily create a rustic-inspired kitchen in your home. Get started by visiting our Builders Surplus showroom in Santa Ana, CA, to see our variety of cabinets and countertops for your modern rustic kitchen design needs.

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