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7 Modern Bathroom Vanity Designs to Test Out

There’s more than one way to make a modern bathroom look elegant, and some options revolve around the bathroom vanity. A bathroom vanity plays a crucial role in your room’s decor and ambiance. Its design can impact the overall functionality of the bathroom in various ways.

You’ll want to choose the right modern bathroom vanity design to complement the layout and style of your bathroom, and also match your lifestyle, daily habits, and budget. Here are some modern bathroom cabinet design ideas for your bathroom vanity:

Streamlined Wall-Mount Vanity

There are many reasons to choose a wall-mount modern vanity. It’s visually appealing, efficient with space planning, creates the look of a bigger bathroom with more floor space, and features a streamlined style that’s perfectly suited for modern bathroom design. Its minimalist look can be combined with a variety of distinctive finishes, cool contrasts, and modern bathroom vanity lighting ideas for a sophisticated and versatile look.

Table-Inspired Vanity

A table-inspired bathroom vanity is a smart choice for the minimalist who keeps extra bath supplies stashed in a nearby linen cabinet. With lots of functional space, this modern bathroom vanity design can easily fit a double sink. An open bottom shelf allows for a curated display of stylish bath accessories and offers accessible storage of bath essentials like towels.

Asymmetrical-Style Vanity

Asymmetrical-style modern vanities feature an off-center look that adds a lyrical quality to any nature-inspired bathroom. These vanities are available in a variety of unique designs to fit any bathroom space. Drawers can be outfitted with containers to hold bathroom essentials while the shelf below the sink can hold white fluffy towels. Go for an equally appealing vanity top style.

Frameless Feature Vanity

If you’re looking for a clean look for your minimalist bathroom, go for a frameless feature modern bathroom vanity design. This vanity features frameless doors and drawers for a clean look in a small space. Choose hardware that doesn’t add clutter to the appearance of your vanity. This is a perfect choice if you want your bathroom vanity to be the focal point of your space.

Corner Vanity With Integrated Sink

A wall-mounted corner vanity with an integrated sink is a great choice when you want to make the most of limited space. A sleek wood-grain with a luxurious finish or layered treatment and a floating sink lends sophistication to your modern bathroom design. For extra space, consider installing a stylish built-in medicine cabinet to hold your bath essentials.

Dramatic Wood Grain Vanity

If you love the look of luxury wood, choose a dramatic wood grain modern bathroom vanity design and make it the focal point of your bathroom. This can either be a modern single or double vanity depending on the space you have. With two pairs of drawers, you can include convenient seating in between them with additional space to keep your lotions and towels. For a dramatic look, you can add big drawers and roomy upper cabinets.

Eye-Catching Vanity Console

Modern luxury bathroom

An eye-catching vanity console that combines straight lines with dark monochromatic looks and modern bathroom vanity lighting ideas easily creates dramatic contrast in any modern bathroom decor. Include angular light fixtures, a striking backsplash, and some colorful flowers in a glass vase to sustain the clean, modern lines of your vanity console.

Buy Bathroom Vanities at Builders Surplus

There are many modern bathroom vanity designs you can test out. The right bathroom vanity can add considerable charm to your space. Whether you want to focus on beautiful wood or pick a timeless look with plenty of character, Builders Surplus Kitchen & Bath Cabinets brings you over 75 styles of bathroom vanities and 60 styles of vanity countertops to choose from.

Builders Surplus serves your unfinished and pre-finished cabinet needs in Orange County, CA at our fully stocked showroom with an array of inventory and knowledgeable staff that will make your project a success. Visit us now or contact us for a quote or questions about modern bathroom cabinet ideas.

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