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Creative DIY Bathroom Vanity Plans

Bathrooms are relatively small spaces, so when you make changes, you want to make sure that each one of them counts. As we all know, the bathroom vanity is one of the main attractions in your bathroom. From selecting the right vanity type, size, and style to determine the ideal placement in your bathroom layout, you have to do everything right.

If you’re looking for creative DIY bathroom vanity plans to transform your bathroom into a welcoming space you’ll love, here are some sources of inspiration to start your own build.

Build From Scratch

Sometimes, creating a unique vanity may be the best way to actualize your dream space. If you can’t find the bath vanity style you want or one that blends in with your bathroom theme or style, make your own. For instance, you can use some wood posts and inexpensive lumber to create a vanity that fits right into your space. Choose a countertop that fits your vanity and finish it with a rustic wood stain or high-gloss paint. Compare our different bathroom countertop options online.

Re-Using Furniture Pieces

If you want a customized DIY bathroom vanity remodeling plan, consider transforming furniture you no longer use like that favorite dresser or console into a stunning vanity. You just need to add new hardware like drawer handles, sturdy legs, a fresh coat of paint, and a little elbow grease. To add a sense of contrast or similarity to your new vanity, create your own custom DIY bathroom vanity top to complete the personalized look.

Smart Modifications With Matching Elements

For small bathrooms, you can opt to visit local retailers to find a wood table that you can transform into a beautiful vanity. A weathered, painted table can surprisingly be a good DIY bathroom vanity plan to start with. Consider smart modifications like open shelving, detailed sides, or curved legs in themes such as rustic, contemporary, or industrial. Some other ideas you can try are style additions like antique mirrors with matching paintwork elements or wood finishing.

Go With the Flo-Style

Floating vanities are some of the most popular bathroom countertop options today. If you want to enjoy a sleek look and roomier vibe with the space you use for toiletries and cosmetics, a floating-style vanity is a perfect option. You can use a media console to create a floating vanity,  as well. Modern furniture pieces with clean, straight lines and boxy shapes are easy to work with for your DIY bathroom vanity plan.

Transform Your Bathroom Today

modern black bathroom vanity sink

An impressive bathroom vanity not only helps you provide more useful space‒it gives your bathroom a different feel altogether. Take your time to know what DIY bathroom vanity plan best suits your bathroom design or remodeling needs. At Builders Surplus, we can supply you with the quality fixtures and materials you need for your bathroom transformation. We also supply bathroom vanity tops for your DIY project, as well as corner vanities, bathtubs, and shower doors.

Visit our showroom and see our selection of vanities and speak to our staff. With over 48 years of experience, we can help you find the perfect combination of bathroom vanity fits for your DIY remodeling plan.

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