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Minimalist Bathroom Ideas for Your Renovation Project

Minimalist bathrooms are becoming popular in small spaces where functionality and affordable style is needed. Whether you want to repaint and re-tile your bath space, install a statement bathtub, or simply hang a mirror on the wall, it’s possible to create a sleek and uncluttered bathroom that is aesthetically pleasing without spending a fortune. If you think it’s time to shift your restroom decor to a more spacious appeal, here are some minimalist bathroom ideas to consider.

Choose a Neutral Color Palette

When renovating small spaces with a minimalist design, you’ll want to choose a neutral color palette. White and grey for walls can be great when paired with stainless steel fixtures, black bathroom vanity countertops, or lots of natural light. Pay attention to small details and scatter other neutral tones throughout your bathroom space as accents. Neutral colors and tones help create the impression of open space with a warm and welcoming visual appeal.

Create Harmony Through Contrast

While your walls may be lighter, you can easily create harmony in your bathroom space through contrast. Use different elements to create a dramatic effect. This minimalist bathroom idea will prevent your bathroom space from looking too light, painfully dull, or overly dark. Start by pairing your light walls with dark finishes on bathroom vanities or other fixtures like floor tiles. Dark storage cabinets work well against white countertops. Adding two color tones, warm woods, or a vivid accent color can create a stunning contrast while giving your bathroom a refined look.

Maximize Your Storage Space

Minimalist designs are all about creating clutter-free spaces. For bathrooms, this means no toothpaste tubes strewn across the counter, unnecessary decor elements, or hairbrushes and body lotions overflowing on open shelves. Maximize your storage space by going for sleek storage solutions. For small bathrooms, minimalist bathroom ideas like a freestanding bathtub, floating bathroom vanity with a sink, or open-shelf linen cabinet would be perfect choices. Choose all-in-one space-saving storage cabinets.

Opt for Simple Decor and Accents

Don’t forget to showcase your style and design theme. Outfit your bathroom with simple decor and accents that add touches of style and personality. Anything that makes your minimalist space beautiful and still functional will work. Try adding a towel rack, wall-mounted mirror, floating sink, fold-down shower bench seat, or a floating toilet. However small or modest your changes are, your efforts will yield tremendous results.

Add Interesting Bathroom Lighting

bathroom with standing showerAnother minimalist bathroom idea is to add interesting bathroom lighting. A simple and attractive bathroom vanity light, mirror-top light, or countertop LED can be the adornment that you need to complete your minimalist bathroom. Consider using high-gloss wall tiles or panels, cabinets, and floor surfaces to bounce light around. Get creative with your options to illuminate your minimalist bathroom’s design potential. Choose warm lights that are not too bright or too dull.

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Whether you’re building a new bathroom or renovating our existing one, choosing a minimalist design can be the best way to maximize the functionality of your space. At Builders Surplus, we bring you the most extensive range of bathroom cabinets to complete your minimalist design. We also sell bathroom vanity tops, double sink vanities, bathtubs, and shower doors to improve your bathroom even further.

Visit our showroom in Santa Ana, CA, to discuss your minimalist bathroom ideas and see our bathroom cabinet options before you buy. Call us for a quote at (888) 632-5081.

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