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Completing a Small Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

So you want to redesign or remodel your bathroom, but with the average costs of upgrades typically running anywhere from $9,600 to $11,000, you’re rightfully hesitant. The good news is, if you’re planning a small bathroom remodel on a budget, you don’t need a significant amount of money to transform your bathroom into that cool, relaxing space you’ve always wanted.

Here are a few simple ways you can complete your small bathroom remodel affordably.

Keep the Same Footprint

One of the most expensive elements of a bathroom remodel involves moving the plumbing and wiring around. Unless you want to redesign your bathroom layout, it’s much easier and cheaper to keep the same bathroom footprint that you have. By keeping the toilet, walls, shower, sink, bathroom vanity or bathtub where they are, and instead focusing on other ideas, you’ll save yourself lots of money on plumbing, and electrical work for your bathroom remodel.

Refinishing > Replacing

Replacing your tiles, shower, sink, wall cabinets, or even bathtub will cost you more than simply repairing or refinishing them. When completing a small bathroom remodel on a budget, you’ll want to transform the style and feel of your space while maintaining its integrity and charm. Refinish those original hardwood floors, repaint your vanity, scrub your bathroom sinks and showers. Then, refinish old bathroom fixtures that show signs of wear to revitalize the current pieces.

Mix High-Impact and Low-Impact Items

A great small half bathroom idea is to combine both high-impact and low-impact decor items to create a futuristic look. For instance, you can opt for a pricier accent tile to offset your budget tiles or get a stylish corner vanity or bathroom vanity top to complement your newly repainted walls. Further, transform your small bathroom remodel on a budget by adding texture and contrast with a colorful rug, a vanity mirror, and custom cabinet drawer pulls.

Use Inexpensive Renovation Options in a Clever Way

Another great half bathroom remodel direction is repainting your walls to give your bathroom a new look. While your bathroom may be smaller than other rooms in your house, it’s going to take more time to paint. You’ll need to paint slowly and gently around the tub, shower, window, the sink, the mirror, the wall corners, the toilet, switchplates, and the floor. Invest in high-quality paint that is mold resistant with a satin finish. Bold colors are great for creating a cool look.

Update Your Bathroom Fixtures

bathroom with luxury bathtub and plant

When working on your small bathroom remodel on a budget, don’t forget about the small details. Update lighting fixtures, sink faucets, cabinet drawer pulls, and towel racks for a small investment that can alter the entire vibe of your room. These tiny changes may seem largely insignificant, but updating them can make a huge difference in your small bathroom’s look.

Save Big at Builders Surplus

If you’re looking to enhance your half bathroom remodel with new bathtubs, linen cabinets, or shower doors, you can be sure that we have the best selection of vanities and cabinets to implement your small half bathroom ideas on a workable budget. Visit our showroom today at Builders Surplus.

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