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Modern Country Kitchen Ideas

Country kitchens have a warm and welcoming feel that makes them timeless classics. What’s not to love about this homely kitchen style? From rustic elements to industrial-inspired accents and a mix of vintage decorative accessories, country-style kitchens are still a popular option today, and even more appealing when combined with modern kitchen style ideas.

Homeowners are rushing to create country-inspired kitchens for their families while still enjoying the fresh trends and modern design touches of today’s kitchens. Here are some of the best farmhouse kitchen decor ideas to consider:

Achieving Personality With Lighter Tones

When it comes to designing or renovating country kitchens, most homeowners will often opt for white as their focus color. White makes rooms look more spacious, but if you want to add real style and personality into your modern kitchen decor, use bright colors in select locations. For instance, you can liven up your kitchen cabinets, a singular wall, or even appliances with some brighter color options. Go for playful pastels, nature-inspired shades, and bold colors.

Add Interest With Patterns

One of the best modern country kitchen ideas is using patterns to add interest in your space. Stripes, woodland, tweed, florals, and animal prints all look great against a rustic backdrop in your kitchen. Think of your choices of table and cookware, which, depending on color and style, can play a huge role in creating a cozy or modern look in your kitchen. Consider displaying patterned tea towels, mugs, and oven gloves to add interest to your cooking or dining space.

Mix & Match

Your country kitchen doesn’t always have to look perfect. In fact, it can look even better when you mix and match quality levels. Some interesting modern country kitchen ideas you can try include having unique chairs around the dining table, adding a new cooker in your rustic scheme, adding kitchen accessories that increase functionality, or installing a big farmhouse sink to create a carefree, charming space.

Larger Modern Appliances

Transforming a country kitchen into a space that incorporates both traditional and modern-style decor is all about contrasts. To improve your modern farmhouse kitchen decor, go for big modern appliances to contrast the smaller details. Think of large cookware, ovens, chunky marble kitchen countertops, an old butcher block, and over-sized range hoods. The bigger and more flamboyant your modern country kitchen ideas are, the better.

Go Dramatic With Cabinet Choices

white modern country kitchen decor

Don’t shy away from trying out new modern kitchen decor ideas for your kitchen cabinets. For instance, you can paint your kitchen cabinets with darker colors for a luxurious and contemporary look, have open shelving on one section of your cabinet layout, or replace cabinet handles with different sets. Don’t forget to add potted plants and greenery to open shelves for a lively look.

Get Started at Builders Surplus

Modernizing a country kitchen is all about mixing traditional-style decor with modern conveniences, eye-catching focal pieces, and clean lines. Implement these modern country kitchen ideas to make the most impact on your family space. If you’re looking to buy new kitchen cabinets or countertops to create a new-look for your kitchen, don’t hesitate to call us for quotes or visit our showroom at Builders Surplus Kitchen & Bath Cabinets.

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