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Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas You Should Try

When you think of rustic decor, what comes to mind are rough surfaces, natural finishes, metallic elements, and beautifully knotted cabinetry. However, to transform small spaces like bathrooms, more homeowners are looking to create spaces that evoke a warm feeling of comfort and relaxation. Incorporating modern rustic ideas bathroom ideas is a winning combination that creates a sense of personality with unique finishes.

Here are some modern rustic bathroom ideas you should try:

Raw Wood and Stone

This popular theme can become the main feature of modern rustic spaces. Embrace the rustic charm and warmth of modern amenities by showing off that old stone on the walls, using reclaimed wood in your vanity or vanity tops, or including a stone bathtub. Think of rustic materials like slate, stoneware, and reclaimed timber, which are all rich in natural grain or patterns. The unfinished or rough look of raw wood and stone adds interest as well as character to your restroom.

White or Neutral Color Scheme

This modern rustic bathroom idea utilizes white or neutral tones to counterbalance your earth-driven furnishings. Opt for off whites, soft beige, charcoal grey, or other subtle tones with a chalky, matte finish on the walls, cabinetry, shower tiles, vanity tops, or other bathroom elements. A white or neutral color scheme lends itself to your modern side of the rustic design plan, making it welcoming.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity

The whole point of enjoying a modern rustic bathroom design is getting all the charm of a rustic space with all the conveniences and style of a modern home. Nothing else defines the style and theme of your bathroom than the vanity. When applying the modern rustic bathroom idea to your vanity, go for a mid-century contemporary look. You can opt for a cherry wood vanity with a clean-line vanity top, a simple metal stool placement, or a vintage sink and mirror above with a rustic copper frame as a focal point.

Add Textural Brilliance in Your Walls

Weathered materials, rough wooden beams, brick or plastered walls, stone, and reclaimed bathroom decor add textural contrast and organic beauty to your space. All these different surfaces convert your modern-style bathroom into a serene and cozy space that you can escape to every day. Another great rustic bathroom idea is to include woodsy and organic hues like umber, russet, bronze, and sienna to create a dreamy rustic look with a vintage vibe.

Industrial-Style Lighting

modern rustic bathroom light ideaSince modern rustic bathroom ideas are mostly born out of necessity, they tend to work well when mixed with one other. Complete the natural appearance of your bathroom, unique textural elements, neutral color scheme, and rustic vanity with industrial-style lighting. You can either go for brilliant pendants, wall sconces in metal or wood, or try out chandeliers for a more inspired look. These lighting options add a luxurious style and excitement to your bathroom.

Transform Your Bathroom Today

Modern rustic bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular as more homeowners combine classic and contemporary styles. Discover more about modern rustic bathroom designs and start marking plans for your bathroom remodel with over 75 vanity style and 60 vanity countertop styles at Builders Surplus Kitchen & Bath Cabinets. Talk to our knowledgeable experts to learn more about modern rustic bathroom ideas and visit our showroom to see before you buy.

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