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Tips For Creating a Home Decor Theme

If you’re planning to decorate your home, one of the top priorities should be choosing the right decorative theme. From traditional home decor themes that take cues from elaborate 18th-century English or French designs, to mid-century modern themes which have minimal fussy detail‒there are many options out there.

While it’s important to understand the different home decor theme ideas available, you should also remember to create a decor theme that works best for you and your lifestyle.

The Planning Phase

To decorate your home with consistency, you need proper planning. If you’re looking to create a unified sense of style for your home decor theme, start by going through each room’s unique details, such as colors, flooring, wallpaper, room layout, and wall decorations. Take note of which aspects are already working for each room, and which ones can be improved upon. The goal here is to first recognize the unique elements that you can work on to make your rooms welcoming and harmonious.

Work With a Particular Style in Mind

A decor theme is what makes a space unique and keeps a home looking consistent in terms of appearances. It’s important before you begin to decide whether you’re working to create a casual style that is relaxing, a formal style that invites elegance, or a traditional home decor theme that achieves a touch of country flair.

Once you have a particular style in your mind, gather influences from around you or inspiration online to spark your interest when it comes to color and influence. Getting into the smaller details makes a big difference and can help you establish a decor theme that provides a distinctive look. Some themes to keep in mind for your rooms include:

  • Art Decor Delight
  • Bohemian Beauty
  • Classic Reflections
  • Elegant Country
  • Hollywood Glam
  • Industrial Edge
  • Minimalist Decor
  • Zen Mindset
  • Retro Fun
  • Scandinavian Flavor

Choose the Right Colors

Depending on the style and influence you choose for your home decor theme, colors may range from white and black to bold colors like blue, red, and green. Consider the right colors, patterns, and textures that would complement your accent colors. For instance, a colored accent wall can liven up your space or make the room look bigger, but the perfect lining textures can really make your space pop.

If you have brown wooden floors, take brown as the starting point and follow through on that color choice for textiles and room furnishings. Using this approach easily ties an open plan layout together as you can use the main color of the room or space in different clever ways to create a uniform theme that suits your home.

Create a Common Thread With Materials

marble wood kitchen decor

If you have wooden floors, repeat the same type of wood with your cabinetry and other materials like lighting, mirrors, and armchairs. This home decor theme idea helps you tie together your overall design, leaving no small element left behind. Another solution is to use marble, which can be repeated in numerous rooms without going stale. It can be used as a kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity, but totally works as a nice coffee table, too. Using the same material as a recurring element in your home decor theme creates a cohesive feel in your living space.

Enhance Your Home Aesthetics Today

Whatever design theme you choose for your home, it’s important to stick with the aesthetic details and appeal of your decorative style. From lighting to artwork, window treatments to floor rugs and even greenery, everything you choose has to work together to create that common style theme.

If you’re looking to change your decor theme, feel free to visit Builders Surplus to check out our selection of kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, vanity tops, kitchen countertops, and other elements that can help you reach maximum comfort in your home.

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