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Galley Kitchen Ideas & Makeovers

Galley kitchens are inevitable in most small homes. These types of kitchens are a fact of life for most urban dwellers and are easily distinguished by small spaces and narrow kitchen layout with parallel counters. If you’re looking for galley kitchen ideas or are planning a galley kitchen makeover in your home, there are countless ways to enhance your galley kitchen.

Consider these galley kitchen makeover ideas to make the most out of your small space.

Create an Open Layout

You don’t need to demo an entire wall to create open space in a galley kitchen — work from what you already have. For instance, you can focus on a corner or the wall end of your galley kitchen and add some open shelving to break that hallway feeling. Think of shelves that hang from the ceiling or wall-hung open shelves above your countertop for functional storage. Consider a linear layout for an open-plan galley kitchen look.

Ditch the Upper Kitchen Cabinets

The primary goal for designing or renovating a galley kitchen is to make it feel practical and spacious. One smart galley kitchen idea or makeover tip is to reduce the overall number of tall kitchen cabinets and install your kitchen cabinets into one place. Also, have your pantry and refrigerator in one area so you can keep storage in that space. Use kitchen accessories like roll-out shelves and lazy susans to better utilize the often-wasted space inside your cabinets.

Break Up the Materials with Color

A great way to reduce the ‘hallway’ feeling in a galley kitchen is to break up the materials with different bright and dark colors. For instance, you can use a heavier and darker material for your base cabinets and lighter materials for your upper cabinets or open shelves. Darker shades on lower cabinets go well with light wood open shelving.

Brighten Up Space With Glossy Finishes

Another galley kitchen idea or makeover option is to use different types of materials that are a little more reflective. From glossy floor tiles to countertops and kitchen cabinet door finishes, the goal is to get as much natural light as possible bouncing around in your space. That’s why using lighter tones is important as it helps brighten up your space. Stained birch, maple, and bamboo are great options for your kitchen finishes.

Light Up Your Galley Space

There’s plenty that can be done in addition to task lighting in a galley kitchen. While you don’t have to invest in expensive pendant lights over your small kitchen island or kitchen countertop, you can still do some great decorative lighting fixtures on the ceiling to bring the space together. Well-placed and oversized lighting will help you soften your galley kitchen’s look and create an impression of more space.

Make Your Galley Sociable

white galley kitchenAnother galley kitchen idea or makeover tip is to add a small island to your galley layout. The key is to keep the additional workspace clear of clutter. Add some seating on the far side of the island away from the cooking zone. This helps create a sociable space where you and your family can enjoy some moments. If you don’t have the space to add a kitchen island, add a small cart as an extra work surface.

Buy Galley Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

There are many galley kitchen makeover ideas you can use to transform the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. What matters most is ensuring that everything you do optimizes the space available by packing in an abundance of innovative storage and open work areas. If you’re looking for kitchen cabinets and countertops for your galley kitchen project, visit our showroom at Builders Surplus.

Builders Surplus offers the widest selection of unfinished and prefinished kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, bathroom vanity tops, and Formica kitchen countertops at the best cash and carry price across Southern California. Call us for the best galley kitchen ideas or makeover tips.

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