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How to Clean and Polish Marble Tops

Marble countertops have been a symbol of refined state and splendor since ancient times. They offer a sophisticated and durable countertop option for kitchens or bathrooms. Despite its beautiful look and characteristic, colorful patterns, marble is porous and prone to damage, and needs extra care, unlike Formica countertops that require less care.

You can easily keep your marble counter looking lovely and scar-free by cleaning it regularly and polishing it to restore its original natural shine. Learn how to clean and polish marble using our expert marble countertop maintenance tips.

Clean Your Marble Countertop Regularly

Proper marble countertop maintenance, whether on your bathroom vanity or in your kitchen, will help prolong the gleam and beauty of the material. All you need is a soft cloth (microfibers are the best), some warm water, and a few drops of mild cleaning agent or marble cleaner. Marble is delicate, so you’ll want to avoid abrasive materials and bleach or cleaners that contain alkaline or other acidic ingredients that can degrade your marble.

Shop for cleaners specially made for marble countertops. Use plenty of warm water to ensure you’ve properly rinsed the countertop. Don’t let marble air dry, as water spots will remain on the surface. Always use a soft clean towel to dry the surface after you clean and polish the marble countertop.

Clean Spills Instantly

One of the biggest challenges with maintaining marble countertops is dealing with stains. Any liquid spills on marble will penetrate into the porous surface and leave ugly stains that become difficult to remove. So, practice the habit of cleaning oil, fruit juice, coffee, wine, and sauce spills immediately to prevent damage to your marble countertop.

Wipe the spills gently in a circular motion. You should also avoid placing hot dishes or sharp-edged items on the countertop to avoid stains and damage. Use coasters under glasses and cups. If you have a persistent stain, use a professional poultice stain remover or a home-made solution of water and baking soda to wipe off the stain. Be cautious with DIY tricks.

Learn How to Polish Your Marble Countertop

Now that we know how to clean and maintain marble daily, let’s look at how to polish your marble countertop. First, clean the surface thoroughly and remove any accumulated grease, grime, or dirt with appropriate natural stone cleaner and a soft cloth. Rinse the surface carefully and make sure it’s completely dry before you start polishing it.

bathroom countertop sinkPolishing is a critical marble countertop maintenance step, so if you’re going to do it yourself, buy a ready-made re-polishing and sealing kit that comes with everything you need and instructions on how to polish your countertop. You’ll need a residential-grade variable-speed grinding machine or very fine-grained sandpaper for light scratches.

Generally, wet sanding shallow scratches and surface stains with such a kit will do the clean and polish marble job easily. If you’re satisfied with the results, rinse the countertop surface and dry it. Don’t forget to buff it with a recommended product. Finally, you should finish the polishing work with a marble sealer after 12-24 hours to protect against staining and moisture.

Shop Marble Countertops for Your Bathroom

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