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What are Formica Countertops?

Formica laminate countertops have become an easily adaptable fixture in a variety of kitchen designs. If you’re wondering what are Formica countertops, here’s what you need to know. Like other Like other laminate countertops, Formica kitchen countertops are made from layers of plastic, bonded to kraft paper or particleboard to create a solid, durable countertop surface., Formica kitchen countertops are made from layers of plastic, bonded to kraft paper or particleboard to create a solid, durable countertop surface.

The end result is a clean, finished look that looks like natural stone or wood countertops. Formica countertops are popular in homes, with 70% of homeowners preferring this resilient, affordable, and easy-to-maintain countertop option.

Understanding How Formica Countertops are Made

We’ve all come across beautiful laminate countertops that look like granite or natural stone. These countertops have an impressive look that matches any luxury-style countertop. So, what are Formica countertops? They’re made of plastic phenolic resins that are laminated onto layers of the ordinary brown kraft paper, and then a printed decorative layer is added, topped by a strong wear-resistant layer and a thin and transparent melamine resin layer for maximum protection.

In modern Formica countertops, the plastic resins used are impregnated with cellulose layers that help it to solidify into a solid and durable countertop under intense pressure and heat, giving the countertop more heat resistance, strength, and protection against scratches.

Formica Countertop Cost

Formica countertops are still one of the cheapest countertop options today. The average costs to expect, according to this countertop material list, is $29 per square foot, compared to $52 per square foot for solid surfaces like Corian, and $58 for granite. Prices of Formica countertops may vary depending on the color and pattern you select, as well as any customization and installation.

Maintenance and Repair

Formica countertops are easy to clean and maintain. The plastic resins make them resistant to stains and scratches. Unlike other types of countertops that may need special care to ensure long-lasting use, you only need water and soap to clean laminate countertops. However, they can be scratched if abrasive cleaners are used. Delamination is one of the problems with laminate countertops, especially due to water damage, which makes repairs difficult.

Design and Styles

What are the kitchen design options for Formica countertops? Modern laminate countertops are available in hundreds of different styles, patterns, colors, and textures. New printing technology has enabled manufacturers to provide more realism and depth in choices. This makes Formica countertops one of the most flexible countertop options for any kitchen style. You can find laminate countertops that look like granite, quartz, marble, and other high-end solid surfaces.


wine glasses on a kitchen countertopThe installation of pre-fabricated Formica countertops is easy. Unless you’re building your own laminate countertops, which requires professional knowledge, your best option is to buy new laminate countertops. Get your measurements right and follow any instructions provided for a quick DIY installation.

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