These Are the Most Durable Countertops for Your Kitchen
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These Are the Most Durable Countertops for Your Kitchen

Did you know that a kitchen remodel has one of the best ROIs of home improvement projects? The right remodel can snag a return as high as 92.9%!

If your countertops are looking well-loved and out-dated it might be a good idea to replace them. But you do not want to throw any old material on there and call it good. For the best ROI, you want countertops that are aesthetically pleasing and also built to last.

Let’s look at the top 7 most durable countertops to give you some ideas!

1. Granite
Everybody is in love with granite countertops–and for good reason. Not only do they look sophisticated and snazzy but also as a stone product they are long-lasting and durable. You can expect granite countertops to add significant value to your home.

Granite countertops hold up extremely well to heat, however, the stone is porous so it can stain rather easily. With the proper sealant, you can take care of this problem and it will make the countertop virtually maintenance-free!

As for the aesthetic, there are thousands of colors and variations to choose from. You will be able to find the perfect match.

You would have to consider the price, for granite countertops are rather expensive. Engineered stone has brought the price down a bit, but it still may be a stretch for some budgets.

2. Quartz
Quartz, although still expensive, is a bit more reasonably priced. The type of quartz used in countertops are not slabs of solids quartz, but rather quartz particles bound together with a strong resin.

Because it is man-made, the slabs come without imperfections and you can pick virtually any color under the sun. Quartz is very resilient it holds up well to heat and does not scratch easily.

3. Glass
A fun alternative that uses the same idea as quartz are recycled glass countertops. Manufacturers mix shards of glass with resin to create the slabs. If you like being on the cutting-edge (and being green!), recycled glass countertops are a great idea.

Large shards create a fun, funky feel. Smaller, more ground up glass creates a more sophisticated look.

The unique technology used to create these countertops leaves them very resilient. Glass countertops hold up well to heat and resist scratches and stains.

4. Soapstone
If you have a farmhouse or antique-style kitchen, soapstone can be a fun idea. Color choices are more limited and tend to stay in the dark gray/green range. However, the look gives it an antique feel that can be great in a vintage-style kitchen.

Soapstone holds up very well to heat but is prone to scratches and dents. You can buff these out rather easily by sanding or leave them to add to the antique feel.

As with the other natural stone materials on our list, the price tag is still a bit higher than other options.

5. Slate
The last type of stone countertops we will mention is slate. Like soapstone, color choices are more limited. Although there is a bit more variation with several shades of gray, purple, red, black and green.

Slate is nonporous, meaning you do not have to seal it and yet it resists staining very well. It is a little on the soft side, which means you will see scratches from time to time if not cared for.

6. Wood or Butcher Block
Country kitchens look fabulous with sleek, wooden countertops. Wood countertops can hold up well when properly cared for. You have to use cutting boards since you can scratch the wood when using knives. You also have to sand and oil the wood from time to time to keep it looking nice.

With a good maintenance routine, wood can last a long time.

7. Plastic Laminate
If you have a more modest budget, it is still possible to buy strong, durable countertops.

Plastic laminate is a fantastic alternative to these more expensive materials.

Before you start envisioning the old, ugly laminate floor in your grandmother’s kitchen, let us tell you that technology has come a long way since then. Now there are printing methods that make laminate countertops look far more sophisticated. You can even have them made to look like granite, marble, quartz and virtually any other more expensive material.

But the big question remains, is it durable?

Absolutely! As you might expect, plastic laminate countertops are very resistant to staining and they hold up surprisingly well to heat.

As we hinted at the beginning of this section, the best thing about plastic laminate is the price. For a mere fraction of the cost of many other kitchen countertop materials, plastic laminate is a beautiful, durable countertop material.

The Most Durable Countertops For You
We hope this list of the most durable countertops has helped you as you decide how to upgrade your kitchen. There is a fluctuation of prices between the type of materials, but with our great budget-friendly inventory choices you can have durable countertops that will match your home.

To learn more about the right countertops for you feel free to contact us today!

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