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Understanding Different Cabinet Materials

Your cabinets are a determining factor in the overall look of your kitchen. Clean and modern or infused with charm, new cabinetry can transform the heart of your home.

However, there’s more to updating your cabinets than choosing a color and style. You also have to pay attention to the materials.

Cabinet materials determine the aesthetic appeal, durability, and overall function of your kitchen. So how do you determine which material is right for you?

Here’s your guide to five common types of cabinet materials.

1. Maple

Hardwood is one of the most popular options for cabinet materials. However, the type of wood you choose can have marked effects on your overall design.

Maple hardwood has a smooth texture and uniform grain patterns. Ranging from a bright white to a reddish brown, it offers more versatility in color than other woods.

Although maple is a more costly option than other woods, you can rest assured that your cabinets are durable and strong. It may or may not hurt your remodel budget momentarily, but the lasting finish and overall look might be worth it.

2. Oak

Oak is one of the most popular cabinet materials, mostly due to its unique grain pattern.

Although oak cabinets are known for their durability, the distinctive grain will definitely show through any finish. Whether that’s a benefit or a disadvantage depends on the individual.

As a water-resistant hardwood, oak is a beautiful choice for any kitchen. And unlike maple, oak is a durable hardwood available at a budget-friendly cost.

If you want a functional design that will last for years to come without blowing out your reno budget, oak is likely the option for you.

3. Cherry

Cherry cabinets are one of the most traditional options on the market. Unfortunately, that may be their downfall. They have a timeless look but may seem slightly outdated if you’re craving a modern kitchen in your home.

Despite the mature look, cherry cabinets hold up well over the years. They have a tendency to change colors, which is often seen as a positive since it brings out the varied grain pattern.

Surprisingly, cherry is one of the most expensive cabinet materials—even more so than maple. However, you’ll get the bang for your buck with this resilient choice.

4. Alder

When it comes to wood cabinetry, alder represents a softer material. It’s undoubtedly a hardwood, but it’s less durable than other materials.

While alder may be less dent resistant than other options, it’s also incredibly cost effective. It brings genuine hardwood to your kitchen, but it significantly lowers the overall price of your upgrade.

5. Thermofoil

Thermofoil is a popular option if you’re looking for cabinetry that’s easy to care for. These cabinets are made using a flexible vinyl material molded over medium-density fiberboard (MDF). The process results in a smooth, chip-resistant surface.

Although thermofoil cabinets are heavier than traditional wood cabinets, they’re also significantly more durable. They’re difficult to repair if they happen to be damaged, but they generally require less care and maintenance over time.

If you have questions about the right cabinet materials for your kitchen remodel or update, we have the answer. Contact us today for reliable information and samples that can help you to complete your project.

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