Top 5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets
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Top 5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

You use your kitchen cabinets every single day. They’re what you reach for when you need to grab your coffee mug or make a bowl of cereal in the morning. They hold all your special cooking spices and keep your children’s favorite treats out of reach for them to sneak.

But, your cabinets may not be cutting it anymore.

Although it’s great to have so much storage space in your kitchen, you need your cabinets to be as fully-functional as possible. It’s worth replacing your old, worn-out cabinet doors for something that looks and feels much better.

Not sure if it’s time for you to buy new cabinets yet?

Here are 5 signs that your old kitchen cabinets have got to go.

1. The Cabinets Don’t Open and Close Correctly

If your kitchen has a “dummy drawer” or cabinet, it’s time to do something about that. A dummy cabinet is one that doesn’t open/close all the way; this may happen because the cabinet door hits a wall or an appliance, or because there’s something wrong with the hinges.

Why continue to deal with that when you can get brand-new cabinets and ensure every single one works as it should?

Imagine not having to fuss with a cabinet door anymore and actually being able to use all the storage space available in your kitchen. But, all it takes is one faulty cabinet to ruin that. This issue is even worse if you have multiple cabinets that don’t close all the way or have trouble staying on the hinges.

2. The Level of Wear and Tear Is Excessive

Maybe the issue with your cabinets isn’t that they don’t function well, but that their form has started to go. Take a close look at all the cabinets on the inside and the outside.

Notice which doors have been scratched up and which knobs are coming loose. Pay attention to cabinet shelves with rough edges and even look at the sides of the walls. The more you realize how much wear and tear is affecting your cabinets, the more apparent your need for new cabinets becomes.

3. There’s a Funky Smell in the Kitchen

Sometimes, the issues affecting your cabinets go beyond what meets the eye.

Open all the cabinets you barely use. Look at how they’ve held up in comparison to the cabinets you use every day. Check for scratches and loose hinges, but more importantly, smell the inside of the cabinet.

There may be a funky scent worth checking out. This happens when dust and debris build up inside of cabinets. The cabinet may even seem musty to you when you look inside, especially if it’s one that isn’t storing anything or which you don’t open often.

4. There’s Mold in Your Cabinets

Mold in the cabinets could be another reason for a funky smell in the kitchen.

This is an issue that needs to be taken care of right away. Exposure to mold can cause allergic reactions among you and your family members. Not to mention, there’s the possibility that it ends up coming into contact with your foods/beverages when it appears in the kitchen.

Mold grows in kitchen cabinets after there has been a significant amount of exposure to water and water damage. Think of the cabinet under your sink, for example, or the high cabinets right next to your sink. The cabinets beside your stove may have been affected by a lot of steam coming from your pots and pans, too.

All of these everyday activities add up to one big headache when the water adds up. There’s not a more serious sign to start looking for new kitchen cabinets than when you realize you have mold.

5. The Look of Your Kitchen Is Outdated

The final sign that it’s time to upgrade your kitchen cabinets is if your whole kitchen needs an upgrade. New cabinets can give your outdated kitchen a serious facelift. Or, the addition of fresh, clean cabinets may be what you’re missing to pair with brand-new appliances and nice countertops.

The cabinets are the canvas of the rest of the room’s design. The colors and textures used to make your new cabinets give the rest of the kitchen a sense of direction. They set the tone for other design decisions — like what kind of new floors to get or which colors should be used to paint the walls.

The cabinets tie everything together. They need to be able to catch your eye but also blend in. They should be sophisticated and chic, yet have a bit of personality to them.

It’s a hard look to get just right. But, it’s always better to go with new cabinets than to try to make your old ones meet the design standards you’re aiming for.

Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets Made Simple

It’s one thing to realize you need new kitchen cabinets and another to know how to choose the right ones. The design you’re trying to create in the kitchen definitely makes a difference. But, you can’t forget about the function you need to have.

Consider investing in cabinets with glass doors to make storage simpler for you and your family. Think about the look of white cabinets versus dark wooden cabinets, and consider a fun color to make the room more bright and inviting, too.

If you’re really not sure what to do, don’t worry. That’s where we come in. Our kitchen design experts can help you find the ideal cabinets for your home.

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