6 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles You Need to Know About
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6 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles You Need to Know About

Clean and contemporary? Or country character and charm?

Your kitchen cabinets have a personality of their own. New cabinetry can transform your kitchen to create a space that combines style and function. This is why 80 percent of home renovation projects occur in the kitchen.

Cabinets, countertops, finishes, and fixtures all come together to enhance kitchen design aesthetic. So, which cabinets are right for your home?

Here are the top six most popular kitchen cabinet styles to consider.

1. Inset

Inset cabinets offer a timeless and classic design to your kitchen. The door rests inside the frame of the cabinet. This style is unlike other door options which sit outside of the cabinet’s frame.

The classic look can complement kitchen styles from traditional to French country. This cabinet style falls at the higher end of the price spectrum. This is due to the cabinet’s attention to design details and the installation process.

Inset cabinets are also known for showing off cabinet hinges. They differ from other styles which usually keep hinges hidden. This can also add to your kitchen project costs.

2. Shaker

Shaker cabinet styles often grace the cover of kitchen design magazines, online blogs, and Instagram feeds. They are the most popular kitchen trend for cabinets due to their versatility in design.

Shaker style gets made using five pieces of wood. Four for the frame and one for the center panel. The trim surrounds the outer area of the cabinet surface, like a frame.

The inside insert is solid, with the frame adding extra durability to the door. Shaker style cabinets get classified for their clean lines and flat panel design. It creates an elegant yet minimalistic look.

The outer frame can also get beveled at different heights. This can create a nice shadow effect on the cabinet door. The beauty of shaker cabinets is that they work with any style of home.

3. Beadboard

This is a classic look that can enhance a farmhouse or cottage style kitchen. These cabinet designs create a charming country vibe throughout the kitchen.

Beadboard uses thin vertical panels that run across the door. It looks much like a pinstripe pattern.

They complement beadboard wall paneling throughout the rest of the home. An open kitchen layout that connects to a dining room adds character with beadboard cabinets and wall paneling.

The look gets enhanced with a large apron-front sink and farmhouse decor. The only downside of beadboard is that it is harder to clean and maintain. You’ll need to add some extra elbow grease to reach all the nooks and crannies within the boards.

4. Flat

These are also called slab cabinets, which get defined by a smooth flat finish. Flat cabinets are often the go-to for modern kitchen cabinets. This makes them quite popular as contemporary kitchens continue to be the second-favored style in America.

They look clean and contemporary in an all white or black palette. Or go bold with a bright and beautiful pop of color. Flat cabinets shine in candy apple red, deep green, or cobalt blue with a glossy finish.

You can also get creative with hardware to add more character to flat panel doors. Many think this cabinet option is more affordable than other styles since the design is clean and simple. Yet, don’t get fooled by this as there are some very high-end flat panel options as well.

5. Arched

Arched kitchen cabinet designs provide a bit of flair. They are either cathedral style or have a double arch design. Arched cabinets are a bit more affordable than other styles.

Cathedral style shows the top of the cabinet panel moving up into a rounded arch. A double arch gets included on both the top and bottom of the cabinet panel. The arch creates a beautiful shadow effect with some extra dimension.

This style can get used throughout the entire kitchen or create a focus point by only installing for upper cabinets. The arched style also looks great when distressed, adding a vintage vibe to your kitchen.

6. Glass-Front

This style is ideal when you want to keep the inside of your cabinets on display. This means you’ll want to always keep cabinet interior’s clean and organized.

It’s a top choice for smaller sized kitchens as it can make your kitchen space seem larger. The glass insert can either be see-through or frosted, depending on the look you want.

Glass cabinets also look stylish when only used on the very top cabinet level. This leaves the mid and bottom cabinets having solid doors. It allows you to expose decor or family heirlooms, while still keeping dishes and glasses concealed.

The glass can also consist of one large piece or divided panels. The look is also called mullion-style, looking much like a window pane. This option is less fragile as it gets extra support from the interior stiles.

Glass-front inserts most likely get installed as an extra cost. This is due to extra labor to fit the pieces inside the framed door. There is also extra maintenance involved to keep glass shining and streak free.

Enhancing Your Kitchen Design with Other Features

The style of cabinets you choose will set the tone of your kitchen. Yet, other features can also come into play to enhance function and character.

An all-white color palette in the kitchen is timeless and elegant. Or you can mix things up with different textures, styles, and materials for the kitchen island. This makes a bold and beautiful statement in any kitchen.

Cabinetry hardware can also get used in defining a clear style for your kitchen. As will different wood types, stains, and designer effects like a glossy lacquer.

Under cabinet lighting is another feature to consider. It adds warmth to the kitchen atmosphere and illuminates countertops.

Extra storage features are a popular upgrade that is experiencing a rising demand. Consider wall or base pullout trays for organized storage. Rolling trays also make it easy to reach inside cabinets.

Trashcan pullouts provide the perfect place to fit your trashcan under your countertops. Built-in cutlery trays and organizers are other must-haves when updating your kitchen.

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Transform Your Home

These kitchen cabinet styles enhance the design and provide functional storage features for the heart of your home.

Have a kitchen renovation project that you’re considering? Learn more about the trends and types of cabinetry and countertops for your new kitchen design.

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