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How To Install a Shower Door

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom or doing a simple transformation of your bath space, a glass shower door can add a touch of modern elegance to your restroom. With different types of shower door options to choose from like frameless, custom heavy glass, and standard size or semi-framed doors, the question of whether to hire professional services for installation or opt for DIY installation often crosses the mind.

Going the DIY way obviously comes with the advantage of getting to save money in the process. Installing a glass shower door is not a complex project, so long as you have some basic handyman skills, the right tools, and an eye for small details. Here, we’re going to look at some of the considerations to make before you install a shower door, as well as how to install a shower door made from traditional framed glass in your bathroom:

Factors to Keep in Mind

  • Do You Have the Tools Needed?

    The tools you’ll need to install a glass shower door will vary by model and the specific tools mentioned in your shower door installation instructions. However, at a minimum, you’ll need to have these tools to make installation easy:

    • Tape measure
    • Various sized drill bits
    • Drill
    • Hacksaw
    • Pencil
    • Low tack masking tape
    • Levels
    • Phillips screwdriver
    • Clear silicone caulk
    • Caulk gun
    • Wrench
    • Sharp knife

    Make sure to check your door’s specific installation guidelines for sizes and optional tools that can make the installation process a lot easier.

  • Consider the Shower Head Position

    If you’re planning to install a sliding or rolling glass shower door, you’ll want to position the door panel by the wall where your shower head is located to ensure maximum waterproofing. For best practices in how to install a shower door or door and panel configuration, make sure that the door hinge is on the opposite side of the showerhead.

    elegant installed shower door

    Your bathroom layout may determine the placement of your swing door. Take your time to do some research or consult a professional for correct positioning. For swinging doors, consider the position of other bathroom fixtures like bath vanities, medicine cabinets, corner vanities, and linen cabinets to ensure the correct door placement.

  • Take Correct Measurements

    It’s important to measure and mark the correct points for your glass shower door installation. Apply masking tape to make it easier to see your markings and be cognizant of how much space each section of the door will need.

  • Consider Your Wall Materials

    While most glass shower doors can be installed on a variety of wall materials, the type of wall you have can influence the overall installation process. What matters most is that your wall is ideal for mounting hinges and other door hardware.

Setting the Door Rails

  • Before you start installing your glass shower door frames, consider dry-fitting the bottom rail on the shower curb, and mark the edges. You’ll use this as a guide for the permanent placement of the shower door’s bottom rail that will be held in place using a quality silicone caulking.
  • Dry-fit the shower door side rails using a level to make sure that they are well placed, and make the anchor holes.
  • The next step in these shower door installation instructions is to drill pilot holes for the side rail fasteners. If possible, go ahead and insert anchor plugs. Use the right type of drill for drilling the holes through your bathroom tiles. A crucial part of learning how to install a shower door is cleaning up debris that may accumulate on the shower curb as you work to ensure the shower door bottom rail is properly attached.
  • Now, apply silicone caulking along the shower curb right between the points that you had marked and set the shower door bottom metal rail in place. Be sure to do it correctly to ensure proper door installation.
  • Then, set the shower door side rails in place and attach the screws provided with the glass shower door. Again, apply silicone caulk on the back of the door rails to ensure that water doesn’t seep behind the metal rail into the wall or even outside your shower.
  • After that, it’s time to understand how to install the shower door components outside of the bathroom walls and side rails. Set the glass door panels and the provided vertical rails. Most complete shower door systems come with setting blocks that allow easy fitting into the bottom rails to ensure a sturdy support for the glass door panels.
  • Once you’ve installed the glass panels and rails, it’s time to install the top rail. If you’ve done everything right by following the shower door installation instructions, the top rail is supposed to fit over the vertical shower door rails and snap right into place. If they don’t fit, you can trim them a bit. Secure the whole system by screwing the top and bottom of each vertical door rail.

Installing the Shower Door

  • The next step when learning how to install a shower door is to now install the actual glass shower door to the rails on the walls. Most new shower door systems in the market come with the shower door and hinges attached to the side door jamb to ensure easy installation. Place the glass shower door carefully into the bottom rail and use a level to check proper positioning to ensure it swings and closes properly.

fancy bathroom with installed shower door

  • Install the strike side door jamb using a level to ensure proper vertical positioning. The next step is simple: snap the bottom and top rail covers into place to complete the glass shower door installation process. Ensure that you fasten the whole installation with screws as required. With the door securely in place, you can now install the latching magnet and door hardware. Do some research online to learn more about how to install complex shower door latching devices.
  • Install the provided rubber glazing strips that are designed to hold the shower door in place in the metal rails both inside and outside the glass shower enclosure. Use a small wood block to stuff the glazing strips around the door frame. Use a glass cleaner as a lubricant to ensure easier work.
  • The last step involves caulking all the joints where the door frames meet the walls. Doing this will ensure that the entire shower enclosure is properly sealed to prevent any water from getting into the wall or frame assembly. Wait at least 4-6 hours after applying the silicone caulk before using the shower. And that, our friends, is how to install a shower door. After following these simple shower door installation instructions, you can now enjoy using your new shower enclosure.

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Whether you want to add a brand new en suite or renovate your bathroom, there’s no better way to transform your bath space than adding a shower door. To ensure privacy and ease of access plus convenience for everyone, consider installing a framed glass shower door. It’s not only practical but also functional. If you’re looking to buy shower doors for your bathroom remodel project, get started at Builders Surplus Kitchen & Bath Cabinets.

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