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Tub Breakdown: Selecting The Best Bathtub Model

The bathtub is the centerpiece of any bathroom, yet most of us give so little attention to it when thinking about how we can create the perfect bathroom space. In most cases, we tend to look at other bathroom elements first, but if you’re looking to transform the appearance of your restroom, a new bathtub can greatly impact the feel and style of your finished room.

When you look at the different bathtub models available in the market, choosing the right one to match your bathroom style and decor can be quite a challenge. Here, we’re going to look at the main questions to ask yourself before buying a bathtub so you can be well informed when selecting the best kind of bathtub for your bathroom.

What to Consider Before Buying a Bathtub

  • How do you want to use the bathtub?

    Do you want a simple soaking bathtub that simply fills with water, or an air bath or whirlpool tub with all the extra bells and whistles? There are different types of bathtub models with all types of options and combinations, including arm and headrests, slip-resistant flooring, grab bars, ambient underwater lighting, adjustable jets, heated blowers, automated cleaning systems, and aromatherapy features. How you plan to use your tub should determine the type of bathtub you buy.

  • How much space do you have?

    You may fall in love with a particular type of tub, but you should know what your bathroom can accommodate. Most standard tubs are 60 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 14 inches deep, but there are many shapes and sizes available. It’s a good idea to take measurements of your bathroom space and doorways before deciding what type of bathtub model to buy. Consider the space available and ease of accessibility to your corner vanity, medicine cabinet, and even your shower door.

  • Do you have special installation considerations?

    If you want to have a jetted bathtub, there are extras you’ll need to plan for, such as the pump, electric timer, and air switch. Most pumps easily fit within the bathtub unit, but some can be placed up to 5ft from the bathtub and hidden in a bath vanity or closet. So long as code requirements are followed, you should be okay with installing the best kind of bathtub that you want with special installations.

  • Is the bathtub comfortable?

    Before investing in a tub, try it on for proper size. If possible, climb in, settle back comfortably, and imagine yourself soaking in it. It should feel and fit you comfortably. Don’t assume anything when checking out different types of bathtub models, as this is a long-term investment you’ll be making.

  • What about the weight of the tub?

    Tubs vary in weight depending on the material of the tub. If you’re considering a heavier tub like one made of cast-iron, be sure that your floors can handle the weight. Consider the actual weight of the bathtub plus the weight of the water and people when full. A good idea is to reinforce the floors directly beneath the tub or to install support braces.

freestanding bathtub model on pink tile

Different Types of Bathtub Models

Bathtubs are designed to enhance your bathing experience and provide extra comfort and a feeling of luxury. Here are the different types of bathtubs to fit the varied needs of various users.

  • Alcove Bathtub

    This standard type of tub is usually enclosed by walls on three sides and only has one open or finished side. This is a perfect option if you have limited space in your bathroom to install a bathtub. They’re one of the best kinds of bathtubs if you’re looking for the easiest and cheapest option you can buy and install. The walls can either be paneled or tiled, and the enclosure can be used as a bathtub and shower combination.

  • Freestanding Bathtub

    This type of bathtub model stands on its own and doesn’t need to be installed against your bathroom wall. Freestanding tubs are a luxury option often featured in large master bedrooms. They require specialized freestanding bathtub fillers and can only be used to take a bath. Bathroom designs that come with separate walk-in showers pair well with these elegant deep-soaking bathtubs.

  • Walk-In Bathtubs

    Walk-in bathtubs are designed with a watertight door and a built-in chair height seat. These tubs are installed against a wall to make bathing easier and safer for people with mobility issues which make day-to-day bathing activities a challenge. The good thing about this bathtub model is that it can be retrofitted to fit the space that a standard bathtub would need. Even better- most have massage systems.

walk in bathtub model blue tile

  • Drop-In Bathtubs

    Drop-in tubs are also one of the best kinds of bathtubs. They’re almost similar to alcove bathtubs, except for the fact that bath walls are not needed for installation. They can be installed against the bath wall or in a customized area of the bathroom. These tubs are deck-mounted, allowing lots of space around them for bathing essentials like soaps and shampoos. Drop-in tubs can fit in both small and large bathroom spaces and can come with an optional under-mount installation.

  • Corner Bathtubs

    If you have a large empty space in your bathroom corner, a corner tub can be a perfect addition. This bathtub model is the most expensive option of all, as it requires lots of space and offers lots of capacity. It’s a perfect spot to relax with your other half or even bathe your children. Corner tubs may take longer to fill up, but they’re great for the family.

  • Whirlpool and Air Bathtubs

    If you’re looking to have a spa-like experience in your bathroom, consider a whirlpool or air bathtub. This type of tub features jets that simply push water around the bathtub. Air tubs often have air jets that provide an aqua massage as you take a bath. You can also opt for a combo bathtub model that offers both options for an improved massage experience.

Bathtub Materials

spacious bathroom with bathtub model

When buying a bathtub, it’s also important to understand the different types of materials available. Each of them has its own pros and cons. Choose from cast iron, enamel on steel, acrylic, composite, fiberglass gel coat, wood, and cultured marble. Compare how the materials will affect the appearance of your restroom, as well as the cost of the bathtubs before making a final decision.

Buy the Right Bathtub for Your Bathroom Today

Bathtubs are a great addition to your bathroom. You can enjoy a relaxing and more energizing bathing experience with the right type of bathtub. Builders Surplus Kitchen & Bath Cabinets brings you different bathtub models for every occasion and budget size. Visit our showroom in Santa Ana, CA, to see the stylish options we have on display.

Whether you want a modern-style freestanding tub or a traditional-style slipper bathtub, shop with confidence at our fully stocked showroom. Looking for a quote on bathtubs? Contact us now.

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