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A List of Different Kitchen Styles to Consider

Today’s kitchens are a central part of everyday living and often do double duty as cooking spaces and family bonding rooms where dining and entertainment can take place in harmony. The kitchen is truly the focus of any home today. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen or build a new one, you’ll have to choose a kitchen style that suits your household needs.

Whether you’re designing your kitchen to match your home’s decor or want your kitchen to define the look of your home, there are different kitchen styles to choose from.

Contemporary Kitchen Style

Contemporary-style kitchens are all about function and family friendliness. If you’re looking for a kitchen style idea that incorporates a mix of materials: new and old or polished and casual, go for a contemporary style. These kitchens are designed for cooking, working, and interacting with family and guests. Characterized by open spaces, modern cooking equipment, and working areas with seating, contemporary kitchens are perfectly suited for 21st-century living.

Modern Kitchen Style

Modern kitchens are designed to keep clutter to a minimum. They’re all about sleek, luxurious, and sophisticated looks, and are totally different from other kitchen styles that may share design ideas. From high-tech materials to reflective surfaces, exotic woods to energy-efficient appliances, modern kitchens are an ideal choice for homes that want a more current interpretation of the modern-day lifestyle.

Country Farmhouse Kitchen Style

Country farmhouse kitchens are open and inviting, providing a perfect getaway feeling in your own home. Featuring farmhouse furniture-like tables and cabinetry with an eclectic mix of finishes, this kitchen style is ideal for those who want to create a comfortable, lived-in look. Some of the most popular country farmhouse kitchen colors range from yellow to red, blue, and aged tones of pale yellow and cream. Color choices are all about mixing rather than matching.

Cottage Kitchen Style

Another different kitchen style is the cottage look. Whether you have a small or large kitchen space, cottage kitchen styles are designed to feel cozy and create a welcoming feeling. This style is all about imperfect finishes and serves as the perfect backdrop for collectibles and offbeat art collections. If you love collecting items at flea markets, this style offers everyday pleasure. Complete the cottage look with high-end appliances in white or retro colors.

Rustic Kitchen Style

Rustic kitchens are quickly becoming a popular option. If you’re seeking a timeless look with a country-side vibe, a rustic kitchen is a must-have. From kitchen cabinets to floors and kitchen accessories, there’s extensive use of wood tones and textures combined with other natural materials. The cabinets feature a weathered or distressed look to give them that distinct rustic charm. If you’re looking for a different kitchen style that stands out, go for this unique look.

Traditional Kitchen Style

Traditional kitchen styles are a perfect backdrop for a day-to-day life that centers on family, close friends, and holidays. It features a clean and comfortable look that is welcoming all year-round. Glass or paneled doors on cupboards create a timeless style, and icebox or latched hardware often adds to lasting detail. These kitchens feature vintage-style lighting fixtures, white tiles for a clean look, and artisanal or classic decor elements to add a special touch.

Coastal Kitchen Style

colorful kitchenA coastal look is also another different kitchen style you can consider. Whether you live at the beach or wish you did, this kitchen style is defined by colorful kitchen ideas and cool shades of blue, white, green, and sand to create a vacation-time feel. You’ll find wicker and seagrass seating for that casual, coastal, comfortable feeling. Window elements are designed to allow maximum light, while floors and fabrics are made to stand up ample use through the seasons.

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