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Bathroom Vanity Double Sink: A Practical Feature for Growing Families

Posted by Ken Drake on Wed, Jul 27, 2011 @ 05:29 PM

Bathroom Vanity Double Sink

A bathroom vanity area is one of the busiest parts of most homes, as both men and women do most everything there to groom themselves. Typically, the bathroom vanity area is made up of sinks, wood cabinets and a mirror. This portion in the bathroom is at times an office for individuals who wish to look their best before they go out of their homes. A double sink vanity can be very useful as with it, a lot of things can be done by every family member especially when beating the morning rush hour. It is also necessary for couples who are both working and have a set morning routine.

A double sink vanity in the bathroom has always been a good feature in almost all modern homes. There are, of course, some factors that should be considered prior to purchasing and installing a double bathroom sink. The very first thing is how small or big your bathroom is. Before you opt for this feature, make sure your bathroom has enough space to accommodate another sink and its accompanying plumbing. Generally, standard double bathroom vanity sinks come with wood cabinets placed underneath them. Make certain that your bathroom has room for these cabinets to make your double bathroom sink more appealing.

If your bathroom does not have enough space for a double vanity sink and still you wish to have this feature, you may consider rearranging the furniture and accessories of your bathroom in order for the added feature to fit in. Most plumbers will take exception in adding bathroom accessories. To control an additional faucet, see to it that you have the appropriate plumbing structure for your bathroom or for your home as a whole. Make necessary measurements and adjustments before you have a double bathroom sink installed. Also, ensure that the two sinks have an allowance to prevent that area from getting so crowded when both sinks are in use.

Ideally, you can try setting a separate area for your vanity double bathroom sink so that you can still use it even if there is someone who is using the shower. For a much attractive look, your double bathroom sink should go with your bathroom’s overall design. Luckily, this won’t be a problem for you as there are so many styles, designs and colors that you can select on. Among the most well-known styles for double bathroom sink include minimalist, wood finishing and porcelain basins.

When purchasing double bathroom sink bath with wood cabinets, make sure to consider looking at various mounting options. This could be the biggest factor that will let you decide what kind of double sink bath you will choose eventually. You may go for self-rimming mounts, integral basin, under mount and countertops. The most affordable choice is integral basins that have porcelain finishing. If you have enough money, you can go with counters or under mount double sinks. In due course, your choice and decision will be based on how much money you are willing to spend.

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