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Do-It-Yourself Countertop Ideas That You’ll Love

Are you wondering how to update the appearance of your kitchen? Take a closer look at the centerpiece of your kitchen; your kitchen countertop. It’s often the most used point in your home and is likely to lose its appeal after years of use. Maybe your countertop is still in excellent condition, but you want something more stylish and accommodating for your kitchen needs.

Having an ugly countertop can be disappointing. On one hand, you want to take action and replace it. On the other hand, the thought of spending so much on a new replacement makes you rethink that option. But the solution doesn’t always have to be expensive. Here are some Do-It-Yourself countertop ideas to give your kitchen countertops a new life, even on a small budget.

Try Modern Laminate

Forget what you’ve heard about laminate. Today, you can find stylish and quality countertops that mimic high-end stone countertops. In fact, these laminate countertops look so good that you can’t tell them apart from real stone until you touch it. Granite styles are particularly popular. Modern laminate comes in different patterns and colors to choose from, making it easy to create a dream kitchen. Costs range from $30 per sheet, making it an affordable option.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete kitchen countertops are back in style, and for a good reason: they’re long-lasting. While homeowners are divided on this countertop styling and its maintenance, there’s no doubt that it can save you a lot of money in the process. With around $300-$500, this DIY countertop is manageable. If you’re not handy, you can take a short course or watch DIY videos to learn the nitty-gritty of Do-It-Yourself countertop creation. Just make sure your measurements are right.

Low-Cost Contact Paper

At less than $100, you can easily find some fantastic countertop contact paper options. Instead of spending a fortune on a full remodel, you can try this low-cost alternative. Contact paper easily provides a dramatic transformation in any kitchen, considering the styles, patterns, and colors you can choose from to match your current kitchen decor. Although it may not last as long as other DIY options, it’s easy and cheap to redo the contact paper in case you damage it.

Granite Tiles

These tiles can almost be compared to granite countertops, only with the disadvantage of cracking and dirty grout. This is a viable Do-It-Yourself countertop project for homeowners that want something affordable but lasting. These tiles cost as little as $7 per square foot. Granite tiles are a great option but will need regular maintenance to keep the grout clean. Ensure that any spills and messes on the tiles are cleaned immediately.

Paint Your Countertops

Paint is another DIY countertops option that holds up well, but won’t last forever. With $100 to $200, you can get started with this cosmetic upgrade for your kitchen. Light and neutral colors like white and gray are great choices when you want to add some glitter to your space. To ensure a quality Do-It-Yourself countertop finish, you’ll want to follow the right application process, including sealing the entire coat of paint with food-safe grade glossy finish.

Wood Countertop

Butcher block countertops have become nearly as popular as granite countertops. They should last years with proper maintenance, as long as you’re okay with scratches and dings. Get a premade butcher block at around $200 and get started. You should already have measurements with you before getting to work; prepping, staining the wood, and nailing the boards to your kitchen cabinetry. Then, be sure to cover the block with a quality sealant.

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