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Styling Tips for Choosing Bathroom Furniture for the Modern Bathroom

Posted by Ken Drake on Tue, Mar 01, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

 A bathroom should be a personal oasis for the homeowner. Enhancing the look of this private room is easy and affordable and can afford you and your guests the serene, peaceful atmosphere you deserve. Check out these styling tips to learn how you can make your bathroom trendy and modern with the help of furniture.


  1. Choose the right size of vanity mirror: Vanity mirrors come in many shapes and sizes. For a larger bathroom, choose a wide mirror that spans the length of the wall above your sink. For a smaller guest bathroom, opt for a smaller mirror with a decorative trim.raj white vanity with mirror
  2.  Consider granite countertops: If you’re looking for a romantic, luxurious feel in your bathroom, then granite countertops are the right choice. Granite comes in a variety of colors and adds that extra sparkle to the room.
  3.  Make your medicine cabinet marvelous: To store your stuff in style, choose a tri-view medicine cabinet. This adds dimension as well as storage space for all of your toiletries.raj triview oak natural medicine cabinet
  4. Make room for your makeup: For the lady of the house, choosing to include a makeup drawer in your bathroom will add a functional, yet elegant touch. This will give you a place for all of your beauty products, so no space is taken up by a makeup case.


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