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Tips for choosing the right granite counters for your bathroom

Posted by Ken Drake on Thu, Jan 13, 2011 @ 06:58 PM

If the next big project you have planned for your home is remodeling the bathroom, granite counters are a viable option.

huge selection of sizes and colors of granite tops

  • Adding granite counters is considered a boost for your home value.
  • Granite comes in as many colors and patterns as are found in nature. The most common and therefore least expensive granite has a fairly uniform color throughout the countertop. A more expensive pattern has a swirl in it, called "movement." Thickness of a counter top will also affect the price.
  • Granite counters are very low maintenance, only needing to be sealed a couple of time a year depending on use and no harsh chemicals are needed for cleanup.
  • Granite is one of the hardest stones found in nature; it is resistant to scrapes, chips and stains. With proper care and maintenance granite can be expected to last a lifetime.
  • Ease of installation, because all of the granite counters sold at Builders Surplus have the bowl already mounted and sealed, installation is a cinch.


Be sure to bring paint chips, tile samples or other elements to compare and help with the new look you are trying to achieve.


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